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Kyu and dan testing is generally held three times a year. Instructors/yudansha classes are help periodically during the year. Please click for more testing information.



27-28 Takeguchi Shihan at Aikido Shugyo, Toronto
Takeguchi Shihan will lead a weekend seminar at Aikido Shugyo in Toronto, Ontario. For details, please visit the Aikido Shugo webpage  web link

3-4 Takeguchi Shihan at Valley Aikido, Phoenix
Valley Aikido's annual Winter Camp will feature Takeguchi Shihan and Hanif Sensei. For details and registration, please visit the Valley Aikido webpage  web link
16-18 Takeguchi Shihan at Quad Cities Aikido, Moline, IA
Quad Cities Aikido will host Takeguchi Shihan for a weekend seminar. For details, please visit the Quad Cities Aikido Facebook page  web link

18-20 Takeguchi and Okimura Shihan at Grand Marais Aikikai, MN
Takeguchi and Okimura Shihan will lead a weekend seminar at Grand Marais Aikikai in northern Minnesota. Please visit the Grand Marais Aikikai webpage for details.  web link
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