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Kyu and dan testing is generally held three times a year. Instructors/yudansha classes are help periodically during the year. Please click for more testing information.



8 Takeguchi Shihan at Allegheny Aikikai
Takeguchi Shihan will instruct and conduct CAF testing at Allegheny Aikikai, in Altoona, Pa. Classes begin at 10 a.m., testing at 3:30 p.m. Please visit the AA web site for details.  web link
15-16 Takeguchi Shihan at Miami Aikikai
Takeguchi Shihan of Capital Aikikai and Nelson Andujar Shihan of Nations Aikikai will conduct a weekend seminar at Miami Aikikai. Please visit the Miami Aikikai web site for class schedule and other details.  web link
28-30 Potomac Aikikai 13th Anniversary Seminar
Potomac Aikikai will celebrate its 13th anniversary at a weekend seminar (and pool party), with Hanif Sensei and other instructors TBD . Details forthcoming at the Potomac Aikikai web site.  web link

25-27 CAF 7th Annual Gasshuku
Takeguchi Shihan will lead the annual CAF Gasshuku at Capital Aikikai. Details forthcoming at the dojo web site.  web link

6-8 Takeguchi Shihan at Aikido West
Takeguchi Shihan will instruct at Aikido West, in Redwood City, CA. Please visit the Aikido West web site for details.  web link

9-10 Takeguchi Shihan at Syracuse
Capital Aikikai of Syracuse will host Takeguchi Shihan at their annual winter camp. Details forthcoming at the CA-Syracuse web site.  web link
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