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Kyu and dan testing is generally held three times a year. Instructors/yudansha classes are help periodically during the year. Please click for more testing information.



31 Testing at Capital Aikikai
CAF testing will be held at the Silver Spring dojo at 2pm. Those wishing to test should confirm with their immediate instructors after consulting the testing requirements page and should also plan on attending the morning adult classes.  web link

13-15 Sakura Matsuri Katori Seminar
Capital Katori will hold its annual spring seminar in conjunction with their demonstration at the DC Sakura Matsuri, with visiting senior instructors from across the US. Details forthcoming at the Capital Katori webpage .  web link
14-15 Plank and Spruell Sensei at Western Maryland Aikikai
Bill Plank Sensei, head instructor of Capital Aikikai, and Blue Spruell Sensei, head instructor of Peachtree Aikikai, will teach a weekend seminar at Western Maryland Aikikai, in Hagarstown, MD. Please click for a downloadable seminar flyer or contact WMA for details.  web link

5-6 Goldberg Sensei at Capital Aikikai
The DC/MD/VA Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Study Group will host Roy Goldberg Sensei for a two-day seminar at Capital Aikikai. Further details may be found on the DC/MD/VA Study Group webpage. Please note: times may change - keep an eye on the Study Group website for updates.  web link
18-20 Takeguchi and Okimura Shihan at Grand Marais Aikikai, MN
Takeguchi and Okimura Shihan will lead a weekend seminar at Grand Marais Aikikai in northern Minnesota. Please visit the Grand Marais Aikikai webpage for details.  web link

2-3 Takeguchi Shihan at Miami Aikikai 40th
Takeguchi Shihan will be among the instructors at Miami Aikikai's 40th anniversary seminar. Nelson Andujar Shihan and Penny Bernath Shihan also will instruct. Please visit the dojo web site for details.  web link
9-10 Shifu Zhang Yun at Capital Aikikai
Yin Cheng Gong Fa will host Shifu Zhang Yun once again for a weekend seminar at Captial Aikikai. Details forthcoming on the Yin Cheng Gong Fa webpage.  web link
16-17 Takeguchi Shihan at Potomac Aikikai
Potomac Aikikai will host Takeguchi Shihan for their annual summer blowout.  For details, please visit the Potomac Aikikai events page  web link

5-7 Capital Aikikai Anniversary Seminar
Please join the members of Capital Aikikai in celebration of the dojo''s 45th year and Takeguchi Shihan''s 60th year in aikido. Mike Friedl Shihan, 7th dan and head of Division 2 of the California Aikido Association, will be among the guest instructors. Please check back for details as they become available.  web link
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